photo: Devin Pense

Darrin Dickerson, Storyteller • Director of Photography, Photographer

I tell stories with pictures. Whether it's one frame or 24, still or motion, every picture has the potential to tell a story, to tell many stories. It's my job to see it through the lens and capture it. It's my job to freeze that moment in time, to find the right mix of action and expression.

I've been seeing the world through a lens for as long as I can remember. Photography and filmmaking are about the only things I have a renewed passion for every morning I get up (well, that and baseball, of course). I remember hearing long ago, "if you go to bed thinking about it, get up thinking about it, and think about it all day long, there's a good chance that's exactly what you should be doing."

I've had the good fortune to shoot some very cool people and see some very cool places through the years. I've been honored to see some of my photos in Rolling Stone, The New York Times, on artists' album covers, tour buses, and in just about every form of advertising media there is. It's a great rush to see something you've created find an audience. But, at the end of the day, I like to work, I like to create, I like to shoot...and the opportunity to keep doing that is the greatest rush of all.

Give me a shout. It's about time we get something done.